The Story of our Farm

Our family farm officially started in 2005 when our children joined a dairy goat club to learn more about goats. Our hobby has expanded into a small family farm before we knew it!

We have just 6 acres of land here in upstate New York, but it's perfect for our family! We also grow garlic that was developed by our grandparents, Anthony and Eileen, to thrive in the Allegheny Mts. in western Pennsylvania. This Italian purple hybrid has a strong flavor that you'll love!

About our Products

We create handmade goat's milk soap using all natural ingredients including our own goats' milk! Jade and Moon are our prize-winning dairy goats who give the milk. I've found that goat milk soap helps my dry skin.

We sell our soap at farmers' markets and craft shows throughout the area. If you are interested in ordering some of our soap, please place an order by visiting our store! Your all natural goat milk soap will be shipped ASAP!