Fresh, lemon scent


We use citrus limonum essential oil made in the USA. Perfect for kitchen use

Fun scent!


Great for the holidays - or for anytime! We use cranberry perfume oil. This is John\'s favorite soap for shaving. He doesn\'t need a moisturizer after using this soap!

Our most popular scent!


We use lavandula officinalis essential oil from France for a soothing fragrance that\\\'s perfect for everyday use.

Reminds me of spring!


We use perfume oil from the Syringa vulgaris plant. A very popular scent, great for everyday use.

Wonderful, floral scent

Lily of the Valley

We use perfume oil from the Convallaria plant that grows wild in the cooler parts of North America, spreading all over the forest floor, which have slender stems with pearl-like white flowers.

Rejuvenating scent


A rejuvenating scent, great for morning showers! We use mentha piperita essential oil made in the USA. It really wakes you up in the morning!

An earthy scent.


We use pogostemon patchouli essential oil from the East Indies. It\'s the favorite fragrance of our Uncle Vince from Navajo country.

A light, citrus scent.


We use citrus palustris from Brazil. The pleasant tangerine fragrance relaxes sore muscles.